Moulding parts

Lerch-Gummitechnik delivers different kinds of moulding tools.

Moulding parts

Gaskets / Sleeves

sealings, gaskets - moulding parts Gaskets, sleeves, hoses with or without reinforcements, protective bushings for pipes and cables, bellows, bumpers, sheets, cut rings

Sealings for butterfly valves 

sealings Sealings for butterfly valves 170 mm/115mm


elastomeres NR, NBR,
SBR, EPDM, CR, silicone and polyurethane
in the range
from 30 to
90 Shore A.
Production according to DIN 7715.

Silicone molds

silicone-molds Silicone molds

Moulding parts

moulding parts Moulding parts

Moulding tools

moulding tool, waterjet-cut Moulding tool waterjet-cut