Turned parts

Lerch-Gummitechnik delivers turned parts.

Turned parts

Various turned parts

drehteile Turned parts up to Ø600mm and 4000mm length. Castings from: aluminium-alloys, bronze, grey-cast-iron
pressed and stamped parts from steel sheets and aluminium sheets. Pressure and tension springs up to Ø8mm. Assembly works.

Magnet housing

magnetgehaeuse Magnet housing
Deep drawn parts

turned parts from plastic and metal

diverse We supply all kinds of turned parts from free cutting steel, aluminium, brass and stainless steel up to Ø600mm und 4000mm length. Also from Plastic e.g. PA, POM, PP and PTFE up to Ø300mm. Custom production according to your specifications.

Punching pins

durchstossmesser Punching pins